LF good Fl4k CM

Typical falak crit bild
Can offer any other characters CM or other legendery stuff (gat tons of guns shilds and GM)

Are you looking for one with - action skill cooldown rate then I’m assuming?

I have this one you can have for free until you find a better one:

If you want it, add me and I’ll send it to you. my epic name is randmanq

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I have these for trade. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Flak Bounty Hunter Mod +2 Frenzy, +1 The Most Dangerous Game, +2 Hunter’s Eye +10% Crit Damage, +25% Weapon Damage, + 50% Maliwan Accuracy
  • Flak Deadeye Mod +2 The Fast and the Furryous, +1 Go for the Eyes, +2 Two Fang, +25% Weapon Damage, +10% Atlas Damage, +45% Dahl Weapon Damage
  • Flak Cosmis Stalker Mod +2 Big Game, +1 Hunter’s Eye, +2 Interplanetary Stalker, +31% Assault Rifle Damage, +31% Pistol Damage, +50% Dahl Accuracy
  • Flak Friend-Bot Mod +2 All My BFF’s, +1 Psycho Head on a Stick, +2 Barbaric Yawp, +31% Assault Rifle Damage, +31% Sniper Damage, +20% Corrosive Resistance

you can have it for free man. I already have one for my build and I know it’s annoying trying to find one with the action skill cooldown and both my moze and fl4k are pretty much done so there’s not much I’m looking for until I start my amara run

Edit: I thought the reply was OP

1 have a mod with 3 points into Two Fangs. called Mongoose something something.

i am looking for siren “after skill” annointed gear or abetter still siren breaker mod with 50% melee