Lf good lvl 72 company man artifacts

Lf good lvl 72 company man artifacts. Have lots of good guns, artifacts and class mods to trade in return.

I have a Torque and I think a Vladof.

Sweet man what are the rolls on them?

Torgue got:

Mag 40%
Fire Rate 40%
Accuracy 50%
11% Experience, 73% FFYL Duration and +11091 Max Shield.

Vladof got:
Accuracy 50%
Fire Rate 40%
Damage 50%
30% Action Skill Cooldown, +39& Irridate Chance.

Ah no thanks man. Sorta looking for god rolled

Ok. I don’t mind keeping them anyway.

Very interested for this buddy!! What do you want for it?

I’ll send it when I’m on next.
You have any Vladoff and Torgue company men?

Yup, will send you some👍🏾

Would love one with that AOE damage. I’ve got one to flip if either of you would be so generous.
Same Manufacturer bonuses with Shock damage, Mag size and shield recharge delay. lvl 72 as well.

I’m away at the moment but happy to mail it when I’m next on.
Add me then send a separate PSN message as a reminder.

Sure thing. Appreciate that.

Just bought a 100,000% shlooter artifact as well. Not sure how high they go.

It’s a set figure that originally was that amount but is now 1000.

Gotchya… Was that …now back to 1000%.