LF Good roll Mind Sweeper and Blast Master

Preferably with Magazine Size and Splash Damage. Have consecutive hits Blood-Starved Beast as well as SNTL Cryo BSB, Consec Hits Plaguebearer and some URAD stuff too.

If you don’t mind level 60 here’s my Blastmaster and here’s my Mind sweeper. I’m down to trade for the CH bsb. Have you got any dlc4 urad gear other than BSB?

I have a URAD DP 746 (Max splash radius) Prompt Critical. What’s your PSN?

Lukman4068, drop a friend request and I’ll mail them over when I’m home in a couple of hours

I have a level 57 Mind Sweeper with +5 TCP and passives of Splash Damage, Mag Siz, Grenade Damage.

Mailed over the blastmaster and mind sweeper

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Sent over the BSB and Critical