LF good splash gear for moze and also a good stopgap for her

I am LF good splash gear whether it be splash damage after iron bear or just splash on ASE lmk what you have particularly looking for a corrosive kybs and a stop gap with cryo on ASE msg me here or psn colbykente912

Got any good Amara gear?

Some anything in particular?

I have all class mods an arctic vanquisher with 300% damage after slam, super frozen gunerang XL 250% damage after cast and that’s it pretty much

What gear and what sort of stop gap you after?

Any splash gear for moze and a stop gap with radiation or cryo on ASE

Ok I’ll add you shortly and send some stuff


Hey xcessive just got back on and added you

Bump still looking

Any specific anoint you looking for on stop gap

Well not reall would like it to have an 50% elemental damage on ASE

i got you. I have all elemtns any in particular u want. psn: deathshot1234

actualy i dont have cryo. Lol but umm do you have any flakker with 100% ASE? if not its ok

No I dont sorry

Anything else you’d take?

Uhh…Transformer with 75% shield after exiting iron bear lol?. if not uhh…Annointed bekah?..Annexed annointed fire lyuda?..Any good last stand victory rush?. Those are tough items so i understand i can give u the stop gap lol. farming is a pain in the arse.

What kind of bekak?

100% damage on ase?

yea thats perfect actually.