LF good trevonators

Hey guys I’m looking for some good trevonators. Preferably shock/Fire and shock/corrosive in a variety of anointments. Let me know what you have and what you’re looking for and thanks!

This just dropped. Looking for a splash or dmg ASE Kybs

I’m good on that one but I’ll get you a Kybs if you need one.

What’s your psn?

Thanks dude! I I already have you on PSN, mine is Rchris92

Messaged you on psn.

Are you interested in a Moze annointed 160% splash dmg trev?I have also a 250% phasecast (don’t remember the elements) and maybe one for Zane but I’ll have to check I am unsure of this one.
I am looking for:

  1. facepuncher with terror on melee
  2. zaitsev’s eruption (any)
  3. loaded dice relic with launcher or splash damage and magazine size
    OR snowdrift relic with life regen, mag size, launcher damage
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What good zane gear you got?

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I’ll check my loaded dice relics.

That’s all my loaded dice. I hope that rolls a 7 for you lol

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nice I ll trade you the snowdrift one
psn RHAAAALoovely

here other element is cryo

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I have a couple any one your looking for?

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This just dropped for me, let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Shock fire or shock corrosive in 125 splash sntnl Moze splash etc!

Sweet what’s the other element?

I think I got a 100% ASE one and a SNTL one. Will send them when I get back on the game, already have you on PSN

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Don’t know off of the top of my head. Will have to check and get back to you later on tonight!

It’s corrosive and shock

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