LF good zane gear

Annointed cryo crossroads, lucians call, a better rolled executor mod. Really anything thatd be good for zane.Tons of annointed guns to trade, class mods and some artifacts too.

o Hired Gun o

I have a Anointed Cryo Lyuda. I think it’s 50% more freeze chance while SNTNL is active. I may be off, it’s been a bit.

Thatd be good, what are you looking for in return?

I’m not real sure at this point lol. Anointed Crossroads, a real good Bloodletter or Elemental Projector. I also have a Cryo Lucian’s with no Anointment if you are interested in that.

Anything real good with on ASE.

I have a bunch of ase annointed guns, have a few elemental projectors also.

There’s a few of them.

I like that Fire Laser Sploder. We can make a deal on that. Elemental Projectors?

I’ll do the Laser Sploder for the Lyuda. I’ll be on in just over 2 hours. I’ll shoot you a message.

I’ll be at work add me and well swap them sometime when were both on.

o Hired Gun o

I’ll just send it to you in the mail. Please do the same at your leisure.

GT: Thang Hung

a space between unlike here

Ok, I’ll mail it as soon as I can.

Sent you a Rebel Yell I picked up today also. I wasn’t going use it. Anointed for Zane.

Hey man I’m interested in your deathless mod, and the shredded scourge

I got some stuff for Zane and a lot of other anointed guns shields mods, maybe we can make a trade?

Ok, sounds good. Just add me and hit me up when I’m online

o Hired Gun o