LF grease trap any anoint

Got theses to trade

I’ve got one,just add me and i’ll mail it

I have a few Grease Traps as well.
My PSN is LeftTurnus.

I would feel bad just selling them to the vendor…

Thanks I appreciate it.

Cool thanks I’ll send a friend request

Is your PSN stupidfrickenpid?

Just want to make sure I am sending it to the right person.
This Grease Trap is ASS 200% damage

If you still have it I would like the Monarch with SNTL Cryo


Yes it is

Excellent sending it now

And ya I’ll send you the monarch

Sent thanks for the trade!

Anytime :slight_smile:

If you are looking for anything just send me a message and I will see if I have it.
Have fun with the Grease Trap. It is quite entertaining, especially with Zane.

Will do and ya I’m excited to see my clone use it lol.

Hi, I’ve got a Grease Trap 300/90 and 50/150, if you’re interested? Is that Beacon Fire & Corro?