LF Groll Blast Master Class Mod

Weapon damage, splash damage, grenade damage and 1 point into distribution, got a ton to trade just lmk what youre after.

I have a spare one with splash/grenade/sniper damage. Has redistribution/1 pull the holy pin/3 vampyr.

What would you want for it?

Do you have any corrosive x2 quickies?

No Im looking for one myself.

Any corrosive redlines?

No mines normal damage unfortunately.

I have some x2 corrosive quickies, do either of you have a corrosive sntnl lyuda or a decent last stand otto idol?

I got a last stand otto with mag size which is the best I have, and the only corrosive lyuda I have is terrified extra projectile

I think I had a trade with you set up already for a ASE lucky 7 but I got one of those from a friend, if you want to do the dictator for tye quickie