Lf groll bounty hunter

I’m lf bounty hunter or and st4kbot with weapon damage and action skill damage/cooldown.
Let me know what you want I have plenty to trade :yum:

I just sent you one but look to see if you can user it. If not use it to trade or junk it.

Thanks buddy :grin:

You’re welcome. Im farming for a setting dead with as damage so if I get a better one I’ll shoot it to you.

Nice one I have a 57 seein dead that’s a beast no level 60 yet :yum:

Out of curiosity, why AS damage for FL4K? Rakk is the only thing that it noticeably benefits.

I do have a pile of BH’s, but none with AS damage.

Because why not lol. What about weapon damage and action skill cooldown? Or weapon damage and splash damage?

Splash will benefit both Rakk and splash weapons, best of both worlds. I will have to get on later to see what all I have lol

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