LF groll class mods

Looking for groll bloodletter and phazezerker mods

Do you have an anointed front loader?

No I don’t mostlt been using the brawler ward

I know it’s a long shot but I’d like something like this

I’ve farmed for way too long and still havent found that.

I’m on right now Can I compare some of yours with what iv found

I have some

What are the skills on the bloodletters? @NOS4A2


You know that the one on your picture is a bad hacked one?
As far as I know (and there was a thread somewhere here at the forum) a COM can only put as much points on top of a skill as the maximum of skillpoints you could spend on a skill.
For the example of this bloodletter:
Desperate Measures has a cap of 3 skillpoints you could spend on.
And the guy who wants to sell a hacked COM on Ebay modded 5points on Desperate Measures, what is normaly (like GB thought it should be) not possible.

That’s correct.

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@steinimaster u were saying?

Thats a legit one, because you could have 5points in Phalanx Doctrine.
@Onelastpunk You didn’t get the point.
I didn’t said there are no +5 COMs possible out there.

Oh ok I get what u mean thought u were referring to 5 points in a single skill

Honestly I’m just looking for one without phalex doctrine at all

Than you have to go with +2 in thin red line and +3 in desperate measures

Ideally yes that is what I’m looking for

I might have one ,

@slobberykinkos have the top one bottom one looks better since I don’t use nades much