LF GRoll Stop Gap & Band of Sitorak - Have lots to trade

Have mostly Amara & Zane items

Seein Dead w/ 25 wpn 31 smg 31 pstl
It’s piss OGT
Em-p5 x2 100% cryo
All Redestributor 100% cryo
Transformer with ASE 50 & 15 mvmt sntnl
Mirv tacular hex, cloning, reoccurring nades w/ ASE 50
Cutsmans w/ ASE 100% or 100 % cryo
Electric Banjo
Ice breaker victory rush

And more… Just ask

I can send you a stop gap with 20% cool down and non-anointed Band of sitorak. Let me know if this is “God” enough? I would love to get a version of the transformer 15 mvmt sntnl. Thanks

LoL plenty God enough. I just put that cuz everyone else does. So I just figured it was protocol

Got is projectmayhemca if u want to join and trade

Just forgot the roll on the end

Hi band, I will send you one of each. Please email me the transformer with 15% move speed. Thanks GT = Tom dot66.

What is your GT? thx

K sent. Trusting u

Thanks. I have made 30+ trades here. I will send yours in about two hours. Away from the house currently. Thx Tom

I have multiple 15% sntl stop gaps and a BoS with 5% health regen on ase.

Does the shield have fleet? I will take regardless what are you wanting in return?

Mostly looking for one with fleet and 15% mvmt with sntnl

This one? Looking for emp5 with sntl cryo

Hey man, if you have another copy of this shield I’d love to get my hands on one! Just let me know what you’d like in return


I’m currently using a Stop Gap with Tortoise x2 and 20% AS cooldown on ASE.

While the anointment helps me if I fail to keep my Barrier up, I think movement speed while SNTNL is up would be overall better given that it would contribute to Violent Momentum.

I’d also like to get a copy of this, if possible. I have a huge list of stuff I can trade here.


Got it, thank you, Bubby!

If you’re looking for something, let me know so that I can return the favor.