LF Gunner Anointed Flakker, annointed Fire lyuda, or any great roll gunner gear

Looking for:
-Annointed flakker with 120% splash after leaving iron bear
-Annointed fire Lyuda with infinite ammo for 5 seconds after leaving iron bear
-Recurring/mirvtacular hex (shock or rad)
-Any other useful gear with great rolls for a gunner moze

GT: CarefreeJacoby

Willing to trade any of these!


Have a couple nice deathless. Got a great annointed transformer. And Recurring shock. A bunch of sploders.

Im interested in the recurring shock, what would u like for it?

Engulfing ogre? My GT is The d3adpupp3t

Ok, ill be on in a a few min

I have a couple things that are pretty good for Moze if you are interested. I’ve been trying to get a blood letter for a while now, so if you want any of these for it then just let me know.