LF Handsome Jackhammer (Shock) and few other items

Hey mates.

Im looking for following stuff:

Handsome Jackhammer (Shock)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)
Laser Sploder (Fire)
Laser Sploder (Corrosive
Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletter

Have a few things to offer.

These are what i have anointed.
Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)
Laser Sploder (Fire)
Laser Sploder (Corrosive

What you trading?


Oof. i have a lot to trade. Do u search any specific items?

Here is my LF lists from my trade posts





Update, LF
Anointed infinity pistols
Any anointed cryo weapons for Zane
Glory and other non elemental pistols with anointment
Crossroads , Raisins Thorns and Musket with anointment mentioned here
Any weapons with the + 125% to baddies and bosses
A Ruth and Scourge heavy with Zane type anointment, especially + 125% to bosses
A purple Tedidore Shotgun with thrown = 3-4 MIRV with homing

Doesnt it make a difference between pc and xbox? :smiley:

Just still need the Handsome Jackhammer Shock Weapon and the Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletter.

using the jackhammer to heal shields?
have you considered the trevonator?

jackhammer is way better since it keeps jumping(healing) while you return to shooting

shrug trev heals sooo fast it dont much matter

idk what this guy plays. but if you are playing with cryo zane on m3 slaughter shaft, it matters turst me :slight_smile:

Got the weapon. Just need the bloodletter. But ty for ur tip

npnp. just wanted to give you another option if you could not find it.


i have a anointed bindary fire for fl4k that gives acc/handling in fadeaway
i have a non anointed shock jackhammer, and non anointed laser sploders in both flavors.
Add Snixnix