Lf Handsome Jackhammer (Shock)

As the title says, lf handsome jackhammer with shock elemental damage.
Got hole bank full of legendarys to trade, only a few things that seem to be asked for alot:

2x Crossroad (one shock with terror anointment, one cryo)

2x Lyuda (one shock with siren anointment +300% dmg after phasestrike(?), One corrosove with 25% dmg after actionskill)

1x Infinity (anointed agent, when barrier is up +50% status chance)

2x Dastardly Maggie, one with terror anointment

2x Blottletter Classmods

1x The Transformer Shield

So if anyone is able to share one reply here pls!

What are the perks on the Bloodletter class mods?

I got three in fact, 2 plus the one i am using.

+45 Jakobs Crit Dmg
+25 Atlas Reloadspeed
+27 Granaderange
(Thats the one id prefer to keep, but would give away if needed)

+50 Vladof Accuracy
+20 Radiation resistant
+23 COV Firerate

+25 Torgue Reloadspeed
+10 Torgue Dmg
+15 Tediore Firerate