Lf headsploshin 100% ase and stage coach x25 with same annoiment

Let me know what your looking for have a lot Zane items lotnof gamma burst items and rakk attack items have a lot of moze hard to get splash items couple incendiary items and lots of 50% element on ase and 100% on ase weapons several good sheilds.

Got that Stagecoach for you. :slight_smile: and we’re already friends on PSN. Sending it to you in 5 mins. If you have any good shield with good anoints on a blast master moze, and good items with Iron Bear splash/incendiary bonus feel free to send. Take care !

I appreciate it mate I got several things for blast master moze you got the scovillex2 or any of the kybs and I got a nukem the other day with incendiary dmg on it for moze the other day

Got this today :ok_hand:

Would love the Nukem !

Items sent ! With little extra :smiley: have fun

Thanks again mate I’ll send I’m the morning thank you again my man

Do you have any dupes of those items are were those it?

I can but I’m looking for rad flaker cyro sntnl

i have a regular flakker with cryo sntnl is that good?

I have the headsplosion 100% ASE, I can trade you for a 100% cryo while sntl maggie or else which ones do you have

Looking for itchy flaker with sntnl cyro or snowdrift spattergun