LF health regen loaded dice, health regen bloodletter w/o thin red line

I wanna get my buddy back into BL3 to do the raid with me and bs but he needs too much gear. At least with these he could hang out and pick me up when I go down. If anyone has either to spare it’d be much appreciated. GT “The Number P”

Hey bud I have the loaded dice and a bloodletter but I’m not sure if it has a point into thin red line. I do know that it worked with the low level stop gap I have. I can double check and send in the morning if your interested. You can add me GT Is Ye olde wolf.

you going for the immortal moze build then?

@Skavenger That’d be great thank you. I added you and sent a message in game.

Did you need a low level stop gap as well

@Skavenger I have the stop Gap but any other gear that will help him contribute would be great. I haven’t looked into the build other than the immortal part.

@vaughngeo Yes I am. It’s so my buddy can join me on the raid and help me out if I go down

Hey man the bloodletter does have one in thin red line. Do you still need it? I will try to get the loaded dice sent tonight as well.

Just sent