LF Health Regen Loaded Dice

Got tons to trade just lmk what youre looking for

I have a few! Looking for improvements to my Bloodletter that matches. Needs health regen, 0/1 point in thin red line, and preferably weapon damage/crit dmg/vladof crit dmg/assault rifle dmg or some combo like that. Stop-the-dice Moze has damage output issues!

I got a bloodletter with crit and weapon damage and no thin red line, doesnt have health regen though

Ah, that’s the important one. How about a good Cloud Kill with anointment?

Only anointed one I have is for gamma burst

Well, just let me know which dice you want. We’ll figure something out.

The ice breaker

Right on. I’ll send it over in a bit. Oh! Any good rolls on a phasezerker or spiritual driver com?

It’s sent.

Yeah Ill get back to you with some pictures of mine later