Lf Hellwalker Urad 50/150%

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Hellwalker got a disgusting buff and I’m really excited to have fun with it. Make a Doom fan happy <3 I got a bunch of stuff to trade

I’d be tempted to if it weren’t for the new level cap next week. I’d be tempted by the 200% ASA anointment myself.

Just sent you one

I can’t log on until tomorrow is the hellwalker duff good? I love that gun

Stupid good, 4 times its original weapon damage and one shotting trash mobs and taking huge chunks of hardened badass enemies. (Granted im using a seein dead with jakobs crit and shotgun damage)

Thank you dude <3

and yeah Hellwalker is amazing now, even doing some work in Guardian Takedown scaled, went from 4600x10 to 16000x10