LF Help Powerleveling Character [PS4]

Hi all! Just recently made the upgrade to The Handsome Collection after spending a good chunk of time in Borderlands 2 on PS3 (and even more before that on Xbox 360.) Unfortunately, I sold off the PS3 to get a PS4 when the console came out and did not realize you would need it to transfer saved data, so all the progress (minus Badass Rank) is gone. Was just wondering if anyone could help powerlevel my Mechro to 72 to help save grinding the story for the millionth time for levels. Don’t need gear or anything, will find that on my own. Just the levels. I’m willing to help however I can in return. Please and thanks, guys!

PSN: ArkainTower
Just send me a message.

I can help man Psn - Danny7385

hey danny would you be willing to help me as well kinda in the same boat, i would really find it amazing if not its fine as well.

Ill help you get to 72 if you still need it. PSN: hitman10466

i sent you a friend request

Added you bro :smile:

could you also help with my pysco

In the same boat. Lvl55, want to get to 72! Willing to help however I can! Psn is dropxxzone!