LF Help with EOS

Level 61 athena here and I sincerely need help with the EOS boss fight T_T

I can offer help from a lvl 70 CS Athena or claptrap… But also still have a couple lvl 60s that will probably be less useful (Melee builds and shenanigans)


Hey mate, maybe we can help each other, I’m stuck in the same situation.
I got physically exhausted after an hour of banging away at this tin-can.
Rocking Wilhelm at 61, if @Ha_Na gives a hand we’ll both be laughing.

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Hopefully we can do that in under 10 mins.

Added! Thanks in advance!

sure! my steam name is cheukyi6

Nice, i’ve added you both @cheukyi6 and @Ha_Na

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if you still need help I have a 71 wilhelm I can contribute, diogenes49 on steam

It didn’t work out schedule wise until now, with you @leww it should be groovy.
You’ve sir have been added on the Steams :trident:

HaNa is usually on in the late afternoon/evening in my time zone CST US I am a lvl 70 wilhem but I think I have an old lvl 60 save somewhere

Thanks for the video. Nice to see someone take him down fast using talent.

@Ha_Na made impressive short work of EOS, thanks again mate!
@cheukyi6 You’re next bud!

Ha_Na actually helped me some time ago, but still thank you very much :)!