LF help with levels or information

As my topic mentions looking for a decent player to level my siRen currently level 33 (on the start of TVHM) looking to get to the highest level they can get me PSN: AkumaGH I can n am willing to return any favor via gun/shield/masks etc when I come across it.

Also one serious note I had about the differecent im accepting side missions in TVHM will that affect me doing those same side missions (infinity and other legendary weapons) to stay stuck at TVHM and not UHVM when the time comes to do it again in UVHM? I know my question might through you off but if you know the answer please respond here thank you in advanced

All missions reset at the end of tvhm. On uvhm dont accept anything until you are at the level you want the reward to be. You can reset uvhm once you’re at max level, but keep in mind that the reset will also reset your OP levels. So if you reset it would be wise to knock out the OP levels first then go do all the missions /side quests.

Thank you so much for your time and informafion!! :slight_smile: so basically do whatever in TVHM but don’t touch any worth while side quest until I reach OP8 (whatever that is no idea on how to even level that but I guess I’ll do what I can till I reach that bridge lol) thank you once again wmclemore79!!!

are you on ps4?



Ill add you and help out. My psn is Lord_Sylton