LF: Help with OP levels, etc

Got my Krieg at OP3 and Axton at OP2. It doesn’t matter when or how we get to OP8; if you have characters you want to unlock OP levels on, we can grind together. If you want to run with an OP8 and just rip through them, that’s also fine (I have three OP8’s already, so I would gladly return the favor).

Also, I didn’t feel like making a seperate topic, if anyone has a lv. 70 cryo Machine in TPS, I’m looking for one of those as well. Been dashboard grinding a ton with no luck. Thanks in advance.

psn: shakejunt922

I can get you leveled up fast. let me know.

I do op levels also, the easy way. Add Lord_Sylton

yo can you level me to 60-72 i can do the rest like op lvls and ■■■■ like that?
psn xPhoenix_Au

If you say sure thanks in advance