LF help with these, Tons to trade -

I am in search of some very specific Cryo gear here - I have tons to trade- Looking for high damage on weapons plus the gear below
LF a Ice Breaker Victory Rush with +All Weapon Damage or + AR Damage + Cryo % and Cryo Damage
LF a Mirv Tacular Hex Cryo
LF a Executor Class Mod with + All Weapon Damage or + AR or + SMG Damage + Crit damage or Cryo damage
LF a Annexed Lyuda Fire or Cryo anointed
LF a Crossroads Cyro and Lucian Cryo with SNTL Cryo Damage

See what i will trade for these here -

Gt -xCaliburxxx

I Ma also in search of a Level 50 anointed Skeksil pistol

I may have an IB Victory Rush like that. I’ll check when I get home and mail it to you if so. I should be getting an Executor mod just like what you’re looking for tonight. I’ll hit you up if so.

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Thx man, you rock. I used to have a ice Warrior build for Zane, moved away from it due to not having the right gear. But now i have some of it and enough trade to get it right this time.

Bump, anyone here?

I have a Cryo Crossroads, it isn’t anointed though.

sure, what can i email you… i am xCaliburxxx

I won’t be back online until 2100 hours eastern tonight.

Still looking for those cyro gear for a kick butt cryo Zane build, i have a lot to trade


Bump, bump, bumpity bump

I also have a couple other cryo items your looking for

If interested. LF ice breaker Otto idol

The OP is ‘on a break’.