LF Hexes (Mirv-TACULAR preferred)

Hi there! I’m looking to try and get a Hex Grenade in every element. As stated Mirv-Tacular is preferred but really would take any form in the end!

I have maxed cash and the following to trade! (All 50)

Odds are even if you don’t have what I want but want something of mine I’ll still give it to ya lol.

Please leave your PSN and what you would like, I’ll send you a friend request and well get it going!

Annexed Vicious Lyuda (Shock) - Anointed - Action Skill End 100% Melee Damage
Annexed Vicious Lyuda (Normal)
Vicious Lyuda (Normal) - Anointed - Action Skill End next 2 mags have 50% additional Cryo Damage
Molten Lyuda (Incendiary)
Pestilence Lyuda (Corrosive)

Kings Call (Incendiary)
Queens Call (Cryo)
The Companion (Incendiary) - Anointed - While Fade Away is active gain increased Accuracy and Handling
Storming Infinity (Shock)
Pestilence Infinity (Corrosive)
Itchy Devils Foursum (Radiation)
Venomous Hornet (Corrosive)

Rowans Call - Anointed - While Gamma Burst is active 65% bonus Radiation Damage
Lucians Call (Incendiary and Cryo)
Double-Penetrating Pneumatic Laser-Sploder - Anointed - When SNTNL is active gain 50% bonus CRYO
Double Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder (Shock)
Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder (Incendiary)
Engulfing Faisor (Radiation)

Arctic Tamed Night Hawkin - Anointed - After using Attack Command gain 30% Lifesteal
Searing Trained Hellfire (Incendiary)
Cloud Kill (Corrosive)
Firesale Long Musket XXL (Incendiary)

The Boring Gun - Anointed - Action Skill End next 2 mags have addititonal radiation damage
-Conference Calls
Auditing - Cryo
Hostile - Incendiary
Undermining - Radiation
Defrauding - Corrosive
Essential - Anointed - Enemies damaged by RAKK Attack take 50% more damage
Cash-Infused (Shock)
Influential (Normal)
Speedloading Hellwalker - Anointed - Action Skill end Weapon Status Effect Damage and Chance increased by 75%

Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter - +3 Phalanx Doctrine, +1 Desperate Measures, +1 Thin Red Line

have mirvtac (rad), rec(shock), rec (frost), and mirvtac (shock/annointed) if you want

PSN: OP_Haunter
i’d like the annexed shock lyuda and the laser sploders

Awesome! sent you a request :3

just sent it to you +bonus :slight_smile:

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