LF " Hide of Terramorphouse " OP 8

Looking for hide of terramorphous OP 8 ( normal or elemental one ) for my Mecromancer, got all 3 infinity, fire, corosive, and shock to trade, 2 norfleet, 1 slag, 1 fire, 2 conference Call, 1 corosive, 1 slag, 1 thunderfist shock, 1 Sham Shield, 1 Bee Shield, 1 Sand Hawk, and lots of other legendary, add me if you wanna trade.

My Psn : Shepard_SSV

I’ve been farming terramorphous for ages and cant have it to drop so that would be very sweet of you :).

Can´t find your PSN. Got two Hides for you, add me if interested.

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Just sended you a request.

Got it and accepted it! Seems to be some kind of problem when you´re about to search for players on PSN.