LF highly rated SNTNL cryo nopewpew

Hey guys. I have been farming cartel gear for weeks, but I just can’t get a sntnl nopewpew to drop for me. I have tons of them in various anointments. Yeah I suppose the 200 asa works for Zane but it’s not quite the same you know. If anyone could help me out with a really good sntnl cryo nopewpew, preferably rated 674, I would really appreciate it and reciprocate. I have most of the meta gear for every character, just let me know what you’re looking for and thank you!

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I think I have what you need, I’ll edit here once I have had a look.

Sent. :grin:

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I have one. Still farming for gamma version of it.

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Add me on PSN, i’ll send you one. PSN: EzioILMentore

It’s 5am here in France though, I’ll send it after my schleep


Thank you guys for the responses :slight_smile: great group of people on the ps4 LF forum :smiley:

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