LF Homing Everblast++ Shotguns in various elements

+Splash Damage on ASE preferred but I will take any annointment really.

GT: KMac the Knife

Check out my post, i have what your looking for

Does the corrosive Everblast have Homing MIRVs?

yes, they all do

Ok, what are you looking for in return?

Anything for Zane, MODs that are gret, Anointed weapons with SNTL, ASE or swap places with clone for more damage.

Definitely interested in a transformer that adds to my weapon damage or dps

Well you are in luck cuz I have most of those items. If you can help me dupe them, they are yours.

I don’t have copies of any of the items currently so I need to make some

I got a Transformer with cryo damage on ASE, several wpns with 130% damage on swap and a sweet Seeing Dead mod

Just sent you two corrosive tediore shotty like you requested bro, check mail