LF Homing MIRV Shotguns

Shock/Corrosive preferred, but any other than cryo is fine

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Bump for desperation

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You have any of the new legendary items?

I don’t :confused:

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Any shields that apply terror, damage reduction, or health regen while terrified?

Also, looking for terror anointed crossroads as well. Any kind of damage terror anointment.

I’ve got Terror heal on ASE on a Transformer

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You mean health regen while terrified or 5% health on ASE?

“Heal for 25% max health on ASE, effect increases by 15% per terror stack. Consumes all terror”

That still good?

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No, sorry that’s not the one I need.

You have any good class mods with Mag size, shotgun damage, splash damage, or grenade damage? Running out of ideas. haha

I’ve got a Bear Trooper mod with 31% shotgun dmg and a Blast Master mod with +55% torgue projectile speed

Yeah srry I’ve not got much

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Well if you want to mail that bear mod I’ll send ya the 2 guns.

Sweet, thx man. Psn is Worsenaries3

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do you have any more mirv homing tediores?

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Yeah, I have a few of them.

Hello, do you have a cutpurse deathless with mag size or a transformer with dmg ASE?

may i have some? message me on ps4 i have most and if not all of the dlc legendaries PSN: PlanetGamingYT