[LF] Homing MIRV Tediore shotgun

LF a purple rarity Tediore shotgun which spawns 4 or 5 homing mirv’s when you reload.

Have lots of anointed shields, grenades and guns to trade. Please dm me what you are looking for!

I have one, looking for facepuncher, cutpurse deathless,


IGN Xini88

Thanks for replying! That one looks great. I have a a facepuncher and a cutpurse deathless. Whats your epic name? I will add u for a trade.

Yours looks great too, robert. What do you want to trade it for?


Did you get all the ones you need? I have 4 mirv of each element. Also have fire, rad, corrosive with 5 mirv and 120% splash damage after exiting iron bear.

Hey joseph,

I’m looking for all those guns as well. Please let me know what I can trade you for them. Thank you!

I am looking for one of these shotguns as well! If anyone has some any would like to trade I’d be very appreciative! Thanks!

Hi I would like to trade with all ur Tediore shotgun with 5 mirv and 120% splash damage after exiting iron bear.
let me know if I have anything u want to trade.

Looking for homing mirv ase splash damge or phaseslam

I have a shock, 5 homing mirv level 53 with 100% weapon damage on ASE…

Do you have a Level 53 Corosive Boom sickle with any useable anoint??