LF: Hornets/Nemesis pistols

looking for some Siren/General Anointed, plenty of items to trade for em
also looking for anointed unending magnificent (dmg x2) and +125% anointed Companion

I have a searing nemesis on ase crit damage increased by 25%
and venomous nemesis on ase 15% life steal
Do you have any anointed lyudas, lucians or any good fl4k class mods?

I’ve got this if you’re interested

yeah, looking for anything specific?

have anointed fire lucians and a giant slayer bounty hunter, ill get you the roll specs in a minute

+25% weapon damage/+33%handling/+45% jacobs crit damage

yea im interested in the class mod, what is the anointment on the lucians?

I’m trying to find a 3 mirv tediore shotgun for a build I’m running. Good rolls on leg mods. Good annointed guns. Alot of things really.

lucians is +125% to badass/named/boss on ASE

ok sounds good you wanna do my two for your two?

i dont have anything tediore at all but i do have a good amount of hyperian/jacobs/vladof anointed weapons

sounds good ro me

gt is iVizardd

What kind of class mods do you have. I’m looking for better rolls for zane, amara, and fl4k.

gt: koops

have a couple different bounty hunter mods, bloodletters, phasezerker, breakers

What kind of rolls do they have?

same one listed above is one, a man eater with 31% heavy dmg/25% Dahl reload spd/ +20% incendiary resist., a stalker with +45% crit dmg/+13% fire rate/+10% torgue dmg, phasezerkers are +36% shield recharge/+10% jacobs/atlas dmg, +31% SMG dmg/+5 nade cap/+31% AS cooldown, +45% hyperian crit/+31% SMG dmg/+10% hyperian dmg
bloodletters are +18% crit dmg/+50% torgue acc/+10% hyperian dmg, +10%torgue dmg/+31% SMG dmg/+50% COV acc, +29% splash dmg rad/+20% radiation resist/+24% torgue reload spd

I’ll do it for the stalker mod

sweet, gt?