LF hunter seeker


as the title says i am looking for a hunter seeker grenade
i am looking for cloning or even better a mitise version with 50ase(all elements) and grenade regen on as start :slight_smile:

have many of the meta guns up for trade so feel free to tell me what you want in exchange

I think i have a couple in the bank in sanctuary…what do they do? I never used one before.

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I’ve got;
1 (no prefix or element) regens 1 nade on as start.
2 Cloning, Radiation (no anointment)
3 Cloning, no element, 'on gren throw, weap, nade & AS damage ^25% for 6 secs

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I have two cloning seekers - 50% radiation & - 50 corrosive. Do you have a transformer shield with an anoint? Thanks GT = Tomdot66

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