LF Hyperion and for anointed

I’ve been working and grinding for a fun build I’ve been doing for Zane focused around the Handsome Jackhammer.

I do A LOT of farming but had a hard time finding good anointed Hyperion weapons for Zane.

I have a lot of legendaries available - mod classes, weapons and grenades - and I come across so many that if you’re looking for something in particular, I’d be happy to keep an eye out.

I’m looking for an anointed Handsome Jackhammer mostly - for Zane too. I don’t need class mods for him but anointed and/or Hyperion shields would be greatly appreciated ^^

When I say I like to farm - I mean 10-12 hours a day. I’m farming for Amara melee and Hyperion Zane just now. And I skip over many, many legendary items if they aren’t what I’m looking for.

PSN : LittleMsJester

But talk to me here before you try and add me please. So I know who to expect and I can keep track of who to send items to. :slight_smile:

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Hey Space,
I’m looking for a few oddities myself. And I like to farm. I’ll keep an eye out. Have sold a few Jackhammers already but I would’ve kept any anointed ones for sure. I’m looking for a Westergun for my Siren to start with. Another rarity is the Sleeping Giant. I have one but I would love one that is searing. Keep in touch

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i will check my storage. add me for the meantime nat_zero_six

I’m off to a football game. Will be back later on and tomorrow. Will add ya tho when back.

Westergun I have seen a few times from Private Beans so I’ll have a poke around :slight_smile: Are you looking for anointed? Any particular element?

And I’ll definitely keep an eye out for Searing Sleeping Giant ^^

Anointed would be bonus but not a must. More or less for a Siren tho.

Okay. I did a bit of farming on Private Beans on Athenas and he’s dropped it every time.

Ah… Could not find a source for that gun so thanks for the tip. Appreciated. I had a Giant drop for me surprisingly but was the same one I had. Got an extra if you want to check it out.

Yeah over been farming private beans and he’s dropped one every time - dropped two once!

And it’s fine - I’ve been scouring for Hyperion and melee weapons for melee Amara :smiley:

I’ll keep an eye out for anointed for siren but you may have more luck :slight_smile:

I think i got that jackhammer you are looking for

do you have any of these?

I am looking for Cutsman Annointed or Laser Splosion Annointed with the 300% damage after phaseslam.

Nightflyer Annointed with the 300% damage after phaseslam is also always welcome.
Hornet Annointed with the 300% damage after phaseslam aswell.
Melee AAA with the 300% damage after phaseslam also.

I’m sure you would have obtained a Pointy Stabber then eh. Have a few of those as well.
Off to see Private Beans.

Hi there! I don’t have any of those guns anointed for Amara. And anointed weapons seem to be scarce on Mayhem 3 right now. But I’ve written them down and I’ll keep an eye out for them!

oke thx man, i ll see if i have that jackhammer.

How about an annointed Bitch?

Any Hyperion anointed for Zane I’m willing to try. My poor Irish lad just struggles a bit compared to the others and doing Hyperion only is an even bigger struggle :smiley:

psn de_regelaar

What shields were you after? I sent FR. Got a few.