LF Hyperion Shotgun Bloodletter CMOD

Hi all, anyone got an awesome bloodletter com for a butcher build Moze?

Preferably favouring desperate measures and phalanx with weapon damage, shotgun, mag size or Hyperion crit etc?

Got tons of stuff to trade!


got any x6 dictators for fl4k or zane?

Afraid not, I never see Dictators. Only x6 I have are corrosive and rad non anointed

Got any x2 boomers?

I have a x2 in fire with ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus corrosive damage

any scovilles or slowhands?

X2 scoville with bonus fire next 2 mags

Unanointed fire, rad and corrosive (x2) slowhands

any rakk anointed redistributors? or DP juliet’s dazzle?

Neither of those