LF- Hyperion SMG anointed 50, 100, 250 and 300, for Amara

Let me know what you have and need. Ty!
Looking mainly for:
Handsome jackhammer
Hyper focus xz41

I can trade :

  • Crossroad 300%
  • CheapTips 250%

i’m looking for : Dictator 100% SNTL, Cutsman 100% corro 100% SNTL, Seeing Dead +25 wpn dmg and +31% smg dmg (pretty rare).

Tell me if interested.

@pandadn26 I’ll check, but most likely won’t have any of those stuff. I mostly have Amara gears.

I can send it to you anyway, tell me your epic pseudo :wink:

Thank you kind sir @pandadn26
Epic I’d: Margoraider

request sent


Weapons send, chekc your mail ! I’ve add a reditributor i dont use with anoint you are searching :wink:

Oh got it! That redistributor is badass! Thanks a bunch!