LF Ice Breaker Deathless

***LF Ice Breaker Deathless
**Cold Warrior class mod (with cooldown if possible)
*Lyuda (annointed operative while digi clone active regenerates ammo)
King or Queens call (annointed operative)
Transformer shield (annointed operative)


Loads of Legendaries just ask probably I have it if its not annointed.

Hex/Recurring mirv grenades all flavors
D Firestorm

Artic Night Hawkin (life steal on skill end)
Bearcat (weapon damage 100% on skill end)
Malak’s Bane (status chance by 50%)
Resonants Back Ham (skill cooldown by 20%)
Double Penetrating Alchemist (50% additional shock damage)
Moar Linoge (auto bear is active 8% regeneration)
Influential Bitch (phase slam, 200% melee)
Dastardly Maggie ( gamma burst 65% bonus rad)
Cutsman shock (action skill end 100% melee damage)
Mirv tacular Hex ( on action start, regenerate 1 grenade)
Big boom blaster shield ( after exiting iron bear kills increase cooldown rate by 30%)
Facepuncher (200% melee damage after phaseslam)