LF Ice Breaker Otto Idol (or other good Cryo Zane gear)

Action Skill cooldown modifier is preferred, but not necessary. I have a full bank of legendaries, so I have a ton to trade. Thanks

I have Zane as my main, i have a ton of Artifacts for Zane. I know i have a few ice breakers, can check when i get home

gt - xCaliburxxx

If you could find anything for me that would be amazing. Let me know

Well, I found 6 of them in my bank. All different stats, what stats you looking for?

I’m assuming the Bonus Damage and Cryo Efficiency are constant. As for the bonus perks on the bottom of the card I’m looking for Action Skill Cooldown, Cryo Efficiency, Health Regen, Shield Recharge. Really any of those would be great, and even if none of them have it the relic itself is still great on it’s own

Definitely saw a cool-down and some of the others. I will send over after work tonight - What is GT?

GT is EnragedCthulhu. You are an incredible human being. People like you are what makes the Borderlands community good

Have anymore by chance?

Yes, what you need, an Ice Breaker?

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Yes please gt LesserWarrior

Ok, will send one after work today

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Thank you :pray:

If you need anything hit me up

Just mainly looking for a Becah and Dictator or any Lyudas with SNTL, cryo, but doesn’t have to be cryo. If not no big deal, will send anyways.

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I will check

Nothing yet :smiley: