Lf Ice Breaker Static Charge w/Melee Damage

^ topic.

Ideal would be Melee Damage/Cryo Damage/Aoe Damage, but anything with Melee Damage is good. I got a bunch of stuff to trade, let me know what you want

I have one with +melee, do you have a ASE rad/cryo or fire version o.m?

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What are the other rolls ?

I got an 0.m with ASE rad

Cryo resistance and fight for your life, not the best but it does have +melee. And that’s perfect

Yeah honestly I’ll take it, if I have to kill that Jabber from Eden 6 one more time I’m gonna snap xD I’ll send your 0.m when I can

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Lmao, I feel the pain man. He never drops anything for me.

I’m also looking for this one. Coulda swore I had one but🤷‍♂️…

If someone has one please lemme know

I’m also looking for the same things, I literally get everything but Icebreaker! It’s so annoying. Let me know if anyone can help me.