LF Ice Breaker Victory Rush and/or Last Stand Victory Rush

LF an Ice Breaker Victory Rush any level 50-53 with cyro damage, and/or cryo efficiency. Also, looking for a Last Stand Victory Rush with simply 3 good affixes (anything but resistances, and FFYL MS)

I have a lot to trade.

A partial list is:

a level 53 Dictator x6 Gamma Burst, a level 53 Recursion radiation & fire, 100 % weapon damage, a Redundant Brainstormer with ASE next two magazines do 50% cryo, a Moarr Linage X4 with next 2 magazines with 50% bonus incidenary, an Ion Cannon 27527 x2 160% splash damage exiting IB, a Nukem 100% weapon damage, a Maggie ASE 50% bonus radiation, a Butcher 100% rack attack, a shocking protuberance with 125 splash damage on ASE, 18018 x2 shock Ion Cannon with 100% rack attack damage, a Shocking AAA x2 with Rack Attack 100% damage, a Recharger that drops boosters, gives 10% move speed, and the anoint is when barrier is deployed, instantly start recharging you’re shields, a Wedding Invit. 100% DMG-Rakk Attack, a Wedding Invit. 125% vs bosses, Two cloning hunter seekers level 53 - corrosive and radiation, a Quasar grenade with ASE 50% damage, a Transformer with the SNTNL move anointment, an its piss grenade with 25% damage grenade toss, a Level 53 Vindicator Ghast Call, a Maggie 125% damage vs bosses, a Night hawking ASE 50 corrosive, a Cutsman corrosive ASE 125 % splash dam, Cutsman fire 5% weapon damage, Infinity cryo ASE 75% radiation, a recursive Hex grenade cyro 25 % weapon damage grenade toss, a Maggie phase cast 250% damage, Baby maker cryo phase slam 300% damage, Double penetrating Roisen Thorns x2 160% splash damage, Firestorm ASE 50% shock, Moxxi pair ASE 50% radiation, sleeping giant SMG with 130% weapon damage with clone swap, Lucian’s Call cryo with kill enemy 5% damages increase that stacks, various anointed Transformer shields, etc.

Level 50 artifacts -

Atom Balm Deathless (+17% SMG Damage) (+16% Radiation Damage) (+33% Area-Of-Effect Damage)
Bezerker Loaded Dice (+33 Area of effect damage) (Regen 149 HP/sec) (+21 AS cooldown)
Cutpurse Deathless (+ 30 Grenade Damage) (+33% Area-Of-Effect Damage) (+40% Magazine Size)
Electric Banjo (+18% Shock Damage) (+29% Shock chance)
Elemental Projector Otto Idol (+23% Action Skill Cooldown Rate) (+44 Mag Size) (+18 Corrosive Dam)
Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+16% Shock Damage) (+16% Fire Damage) (+27% Cryo Effeciency)
Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+18% Shock Damage) (+18% Fire Damage) (+33% shield recharge rate)
Elemental Projector Victory Rush (+1487 Max Health) (+21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate) (+29% Shock Resistance)
Fire Stone Victory Rush (+40% Magazine Size) (+8% Movement Speed) (-30% Shield Recharge Delay)
Fire Stone Commander Planetoid (+16% Incendiary Damage) (+33% Area-Of-Effect Damage) (+8% Movement Speed)
Fire Stone Splatter Gun (+16% Incendiary Damage) (+25% Melee Damage) (+27% Radiation Chance)
Flesh Melter Commander Planetoid (+40% Magazine Size) (+27% Corrosive Chance) (+27% Shock Chance)
Ice Breaker Deathless (+26% Weapon Accuracy) (+25% Melee Damage) (+1666 Max Shield)
Ice Breaker Otto Idol (+16% Shock Damage) (+27% Cryo Effeciency) (+40% FFYL)
Ice Breaker Otto Idol (+12.67 Luck) (+26% Weapon Accuracy) (+27% Corrosive Chance)
Knife Drain Victory Rush (+25% Melee Damage) (-30% Shield Recharge Delay) (+8% Movement Speed)
Last Stand Otto Idol (+21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate) (+40% Magazine Size) (+40% FFYL)
Last Stand Victory Rush (+25% Melee Damage) (Regenerates +149 Health/sec) (+26% Weapon Accuracy)
Radiation Stone Splatter Gun (+17% Pistol Damage) (+27% Electrocute Chance) (+14% Reload Speed)
Radiation Stone Loaded Dice (+21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate) (-30% Shield Recharge Delay) (+40% Magazine Size)
Radiation Stone Deathless (+27% Radiation Chance) (+16% Corrosive Damage) (+16% Shock Damage)
Snow Drift White Elephant (+1487 Max Health) (+14% Reload Speed) (+1666 Max Shield)
Snow Drift Victory Rush (+25% Melee Damage) (+27% Corrosive Chance) (+1666 Max Shield)
Spark Plug Deathless (+ 30 Grenade Damage) (+1487 Max Health) (+16% Incendiary Damage)
Spark Plug Static Charge (+12.67 Luck) (+1487 Max Health) (+8% Movement Speed)
Snow Drift Loaded Dice (+12.67 Luck) (+29% Shield Recharge Rate) (+1528 Max Shield)

Let me know. thanks Tom dot66