LF Ice Breaker Victory Rush

Plenty to trade, let me know what you’re looking for. Tag: Morigoth

Kinetic of fire handsome jackhammer?

Have kinetic Jackhammer, yeah.

Ok I’m playing with my woman. But when we get to sanctuary I will mail you it. What’s your gamertag so I can add you? You can just mail yours after you get mine if you want.

If you send, I’ll send back to same tag. Or give your tag and I’ll send

Mines pbodyjel. What’s your gamertag?


Alright. We doing the last mission so in like 30 mins or so I should send you the ice breaker victory rush.

K, sent you the jackhammer :smile:

Was it what you’re looking for?

There you go I sent the ice breaker?. And a fire jack hammer as well. Do you need anything else?

I’m all set. If I find a fire Jack hammer I’ll send it your way