LF: Ice Breaker White Elephant w/ 2x Melee and Mag Size

What the title says. I’m looking for an IB White Elephant w/ only Melee and Mag Size as bonuses. Although Melee, Cryo Damage, and Mag Size would also work.

Edit: Gonna add a DP Tiggs’ Boom w/ Splash just in case anyone has. Doesn’t hurt.

The Hunt continues. lol

White Elephant drops from Agonizer 9000 with increased rates. For pure damage, 48% aoe beats a roll of melee.

For amara yes, melee easily wins for all 3 other characters - you seen mine in action lol
On that note, if your using it to melee frozen enemies - the extra 40% is going to be hard to notice as they’ll already take 300% more from being frozen, would easily see more damage through a ____ stone WE over icebreaker

Speaking purely on the WE grenades and the third passive being for 62% mag size,
1.38% melee * 1.48% aoe = 2.0424%
1.38% melee + 1.38% melee = 1.78%

The fewer WE procs, the better melee is but the splash makes grenades, splash weapons, splash skills, splash action skills, and groundbreaker better.

Also, the more sources of melee bonuses, the better aoe becomes.

Edit: forgot 2x grenade bonus

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But for WE stickies, the melee is x2 before the aoe takes effect…i agree that aoe is more beneficial for most other instances. But if the choice is either melee or aoe - melee will increase the dps; both together is an exponential raise

WE grenades deal 200% of the melee damage that procced them so in a vacuum, only holding a FP (60% melee bonus),

(1 + 0.6% + 0.38%)*2 (1 + 0.48%) = 5.8608% grenade + 1.98% initial melee
7.8408% total
(1 + 0.6% + 0.76%)*2 (1) = 4.72% grenade + 2.36% initial melee
7.08% total

The more melee bonuses you have, the more other bonuses are valued when talking WE and FP.

Just as a comparison, rolling 62% mag, 24% gun damage, 48% aoe with a FP (FP scales off nonspecific gun bonuses) would net,

(1 + 0.6)(1 + 0.24)*2 ( 1 + 0.48) = 5.87264% grenade + 1.984% initial melee
7.85664% total

Lots of shorthand math later, Moze and Amara are the only two characters with splash bonuses built in.

Amara has enough melee bonuses that she always wants more splash/grenade or gun bonuses from class mod/relic.
Likely splash/grenade > gun if using Driver com, haven’t done the math.

Moze has gun and splash bonuses via Torgue Cross-Promotion, Green Monster, or Blast Master.

She would eventually want to double roll melee on relic after stacking enough splash/grenade/aoe from her com.

BUT, if she runs a Mind Sweeper, then she still wants splash/grenade > melee because they scale exponentially per proc whereas melee is only applied once on the initial application.

Max possible rolls on coms-
63% melee
36% splash
38% grenade
(Can’t double roll stats so this is the highest damage per shot for a FP+WE)
(Likely, 24% gun > 63% melee for non Driver Amara, grenade is an extra 2% over splash but splash is universal, and both would multiply her already high melee bonuses)

Max possible rolls on relics-
48% aoe
36% grenade
38/76% melee
(Can double roll melee so the second melee roll vs grenade, will likely depend on existing bonuses)