LF icebreaker deathless w/ mag size or other icebreakers

Specifically looking for a ice breaker deathless with mag size increase but also interested in a ice breaker with cryo dmg and aoe dmg on it or a ice breaker victory rush with cryo and mag size or aoe. Anything of the sorts.
I have god roll moze green monster mod and Zane mod with his best weapon for the banjo build along with relics and such.
Psn is deluxemenu message me there as well if interested in a trade.
Also looking for any legendary shield with ammo regen terror annointment

hello, i have many ice breaker (otto idol and victory rush include)
i check and tell u the stats

so, i have those :

ice breaker victory rush w/ :

  • sniper rifle dmg
  • cryo dmg
  • ignite chance

ice breaker otto idol w/ :

  • mag size
  • action skill cooldown rate
  • cryo resistance

ice breaker otto idol w/ :

  • melee dmg
  • reload speed
  • max shield

Sadly none of those seem appealing sry