LF Icebreaker Deathless

Trying to get a cryo moze build up and running before maliwan takedown. Preferably with +shotgun damage. I have several legendary coms/grenades/artifacts/guns - let me know what you’re looking for.

Edit: would also be interested in a cryo recurring/mirv-tactucular hex. Also would be interested in a fire butcher

I have a fire butcher, and possibly that deathless you are looking for. Do you have any Amara Phaseslam weapons by any chance?

Here is the icebreaker if your interested. Let me know.

Hey, I actually got the Ice Breaker Deathless - I don’t think i have many amara melee anointed weapons though. I was looking through my gear and i do have a level 1 Brawler ward with 300% melee. I have no idea how I even got that though

What would you want for that deathless?