LF Improved Rerouter and Ice Spiker Deathless

As the title says I am looking for both the shield and artifact for the last 2 pieces of my endgame build. I have quite a few legendary weapons and such to trade with.

Heya! I’ve got the Ice Spiker Deathless. What stat makes the Re-router ‘improved’?

My name on Epic is Milliny, btw. Add me and I’ll mail you the items!

i have improved re-router shield…what do you have to trade?

I’m at work now but when I’m home I’ll do adding and we can set up trades.

What do you have tho

I got a little of everything. Mostly legendary guns. One in particular your looking for?

you have flakker? or an re-charger shield?

I have a flakker for trade yes. Shields I have are the transformer and supercell front loader

What mods you have on the flakker?

It’s an itchy flakker that does 1613 radiation dmg/s and base damage is 1024x3. +252 splash damage radius.

level 50? and this is for the improved re-router shield right?

The gun is lvl 50. And yes

m8rc0p0l0 is my epic

Right on I sent a request