LF: In need of a Cutpurse Deathless

Any rolls will do honestly. I have plenty to trade for whichever character or build you may run. Xbox gamertag: TheAsparaguy

I have this one(+17% Shotgun damage, +26% Accuracy, +21% Action Skill Cooldown):


I search any of the following:

  • Snowdrift Victory Rush (max shield, max health; actions skill cooldown or movement speed)
  • Atomic Balm Victory Rush (max shield, max health; some weapon damage)
  • Transformer (on Phasegrasp Amara releases Novas Non-Stop)
  • Radiation Fearmonger
  • Radiation Butcher
  • Radiation Faisor
  • Vindicator Ghast Call

I have the rad fearMonger! Add my gamertag!