LF Incendiary/Cryo Boomsickle 100%ASE and Consecutive Hits Redisteibutor

I really need Incendiary and Cryo Boomsickle with 100%ASE anointment. I also kind of need a Corrosive one with 100%ASE bc mine is 100%SNTNL Cryo. I’m looking for any Redistributitors with the consecutive hits anointment. I have a lot of Moze gear to trade, good artifacts, killswitch shield, one shotter shield, etc. Message me with what you are looking for. Psn jdmishma

I have it
Boom 100ase

I’m looking for something like this.
Is there anything similar?

I don’t know if I have many splatter gun artifacts, but I may have a few. Do you just want a snowdrift with good stats or specifically the snowdrift splatter gun?

snowdrift splatter gun I want it.

Psn jdmishima
Is this right?

Yes. That’s my psn. No, I don’t have snowdrift splatter gun.

It’s okay. I’ll register a friend.