LF Incendiary King/Queen's Call

Doesn’t need to be anointed, but that would be great. I do need a scope preferably iron sights, but any will do. I have lots to trade. My PSN is ImitationsOfLife.

You have zane class mod cold warrior

Got one, what you got to trade?

I have like 5 characters stuffed with gear mostly weapons. Just tell what you would be willing to trade it for and if and I’ll let you know if I have it and I’m willing to trade it.

im looking for An annexed ferocious lyuda

You got a phasecast anointed night hawkin? Preferably 250% weapin damage variant?

I got an iron bear 5 second infinite ammo anointed fire kings call on my moze I’ll gladly part with.

I have that Lyuda with radiation. I think I’d really like a good annointment on that King’s Call to trade it though. What is the roll?

Bump. Any one?