LF Incendiary Lucians anointed with Cryo mags *Updated*

Has to be ilvl 621 and have at least a 3.3x scope.

Not much new. Added a few goodies: https://imgur.com/a/kYEXjH6
I update as I farm so the list changes.


Few things added

More added, some subtracted. Been getting a lot of Lyudas and Hyperfocuses :confused:

Ok, not sure if anyone actually has this very specific gun, so I’ll widen my “wants”.

Incendiary Lucians (3.3x scope or greater) - x2 Cryo mags, ASE 100% dmg
Radiation Rowans (3.3x scope or greater) - x2 any mags, ASE 100% dmg
The Companion - ASE 100% dmg
Brainstormer (Cash Infused) - x2 Cryo mags
Packin’ Devastator (not DP) - x2 Incendiary mags, ASE 100% dmg
Phazerker - Less Clarity. Mag size, shock dmg, shotgun dmg, and Hyperion dmg stats. The more the merrier.
Anointed Cryo Recurring Hex
Anointed Legendary Nades other than Hex’s

Umm… still pretty specific. Sorry. If anything, make an offer :smiley:
Take a look: https://imgur.com/a/kYEXjH6

If you still have the shock rowans call with shock in the next two mags I have these to trade

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