LF Incendiary Rowan's call and Cryo Lucian's call

Trade anything for it to finish my FL4K build

Also, looking for Incendiary Queen’s call

I have Rowan’s fire, what you got for trades

What do you need? I can check

Recurring hex, any element. Infiltrator class mod. Cocky flakka anointed are the specific ones. Other than that I’m open to offers

Hi there, guy’s , have you got a bounty hunter mod ?

I have what you need, rowan’s, lucian’s , recuring.

I have two bounty hunters, I’d love to trade for that recurring

What’s your epic tag

What stats on the Bounty hunter mod you want?

EGS : Mouzy_Peasy
Jackos crit/dmg, cd reduction
But if you have other good one i’m interested ^^

Heading on in 10 mins

friend req sent

I have both of those, but only looking for a radiation super shredifier now.