LF: Infiltrator class mod with +3 Violent momentum and +2 Supersonic man with action skill cooldown

Gamertag is Chaotic Infamy. Message me for trade details

Gear I have

Shock Conference Call- Anointed for 50% more fire damage
Fire Lucians Call- Annointed for 50% more corrosive damage
Ruthless Lyuda- Kinetic
Corrosive Queen’s Call- After swapping places with digi clone gain 130% weapon damage
Recurring Rad Hex
Mirv Shock Hex
Disciplined Vanquisher- Swap places with clone gain 130% weapon damage
Engulfing Shredifier- SNTL active gain 9% fire rate and 23% reload speed
Disciplined Ripper- 130% weapon damage on clone swap
Handsome Jackhammer- Barrier active gain 60% accuracy and 30% crit
Pestilence- Bonus 50% rad damage on action skill end
HyperFocus- Barrier active 60% accuracy and 30% crit
Firesale Long Musket- SNTL active gain 50% bonus cryo damage
Gatlin Gatling gun- Barrier active 60% accuracy, 30% crit
Shock Cutsman- Clone active regen 12% magazine size per sec
Ruby’s Wrath
Redundant Face- Puncher
Fire Butcher
Rope-a-dope Solitary breaker- +4 jab cross, 50% more melee
Bloodletter class mod- 28% splash damage, 29% splash radius
Front Loader- SNTL active gain 15% movement speed
Trick Unforgiven- 384% crit damage
Re Router- When barrier is deployed instantly start recharing your shields
Sprint Rough Rider
Rain Firestorm
Unleash the Dragon artifact

Also have some phaseslam and phasecast weapons as well