LF>infinate infinities

I am looking for an infinity [or more] of every element that has an anointed ability, that can be used by my phase grasping siren. i want the ones that have a neutral anointment, or a siren anointment not related to slam/cast.

highest priority anointment is life steal 15% ASE.

don’t let that deter you however, i will still take anointed abilities that are not life steal, as long as its a neutral use, or non- slam/cast siren anointment.

thanks [psn->] Gorghandi

Do you have any Phasecast guns/shields?

which anointed elemental infinity do you have?

Phasegrasp Negating Infinity (Cryo)

what class do you main, and what class do you secondary?

Do you have any class mods?

i hear you on the non slam siren builds, i am a phasegrasper secondary, and no one keeps these items or good not-phasezerker mods that i could get from folk. im sorry on yet more items i don’t have that you are looking for, is not that i don’t keep them, its that i haven’t gotten any of them to drop. (terrible drop luck).

I main Gunner and Phasecast Siren is secondary. I have a very hard time finding Cast gear. Also LF action skill annointed Re-Charger and Gunner annointed Tediore weapons/Infinity.